It goes without saying that difficult tasks such as recovery of almost non-recoverable chronic loans cannot be accomplished without teaming ourselves with people from the relevant field. We have a panel of experienced lawyer, bankers and think tanks to facilitate our clients.

» Debt Swapping & Purchasing 

We are well connected to different investors from the market who are willing to invest the way we guide them, while we remain as their working partners as well as captain of the transaction in all respects.

We make these investors / businessmen agree on debt purchase transactions identified by us, whereby the risk undertaken by us is jointly shared.  Further we facilitate them in recovering their investments with profits through mediation with the relevant defaulter/borrower which is of course a win-win situation for all the parties, especially the banks.

 » Restructuring

 Our business also caters to practical, creative and pro-active strategies and solutions for addressing the challenges of restructuring including debt rescheduling, project finance, infrastructure restructurings, distressed investment and non-performing loans (NPLs).

Our scope includes advising Creditors on how to efficiently dispose of a portfolio of NPLs; advising investors on the potential recovery risks of target NPLs in light and performing due diligence for parties with respect to NPLs.

Based on our rich experience in the field of real estate, we also render advice to financial institutions as well as private sector on how to profitably offload their assets purchased under debt swaps. 

» Wealth Management

 Our advisory panel helps and assists our investors and in-house finance department with financial planning, investment portfolio management and a number of aggregated financial services. We have licensed portfolio managers and finance officers who design services to focus on high-net-worth clients.

With growing Real Estate and Services Industries in the East, it has allowed us to focus our portfolios and ideas more towards that. Often our wealth managers work with our asset management team to work on the clients wish list to protect their interest and provide the best remedy as per their wishes.   

 » Remedial Asset Management 

» Private Equity