Chairman’s Message

Chairman's Message

Qandhari Group of Companies was established over 50 years ago and we encountered and overcame numerous trials and hardships during the process. Staying up to pace with the tremendous development of the country, Qandhari Group has always thrived by changing with the tides of time. The Group firmly believes that commitment and credibility are the greatest asset of any individual and enterprise. The period since 2001 was the most important milestone in the course of development of Qandhari Group. Having the organization and resources restructured successfully, the group has focused its effort on three main business sections: Agro Products, Services and Construction. Our aim is to strengthen the agricultural commodity sector of Pakistan at the consumer level, for the quality and standard of agricultural products of a country like Pakistan reflect the quality of life and the standard of living of its citizens. And most importantly work closely with all stakeholders to promote and benefit from the ever-rising Construction industry.